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Playa de Adra - Censo


It may be considered an extension on the east of Playa de San Nicolás. It has experienced an environmental regeneration by means of the construction of  a promenade. Apart from the specific equipment which the beach has been provided with, there is also a cycle lane in all its length. In 2009 it was awarded with the Blue Flag and the Spanish Q Mark for Tourist Quality.


El Carboncillo

El Carboncillo

Urban beach that extends from the entrance breakwater to the Port of Adra to the west until reaching the Playa de la Sirena Loca.

It has a high level of occupation. Approximately from the middle, at the level of Marismas street, we will find the promenade that will allow us to communicate with the aforementioned beach.

It has an extension of more than 1000 meters reaching 50 meters in its widest part. It is made up of fine dark sand and gravel and presents crystalline waters with moderate and windy waves.

Playa San Nicolás, Adra

San Nicolás

Beach located by the harbour of Adra, which has all kind of infrastructures typical of an urban beach. Thanks to them, it was awarded with the Blue Flag.

Playa Sirena Loca, Adra

Sirena Loca

It runs parallel to Paseo Marítimo del Poniente, opened in 2006. It is demarcated by the landmark fixed by the local Coast Service in the mouth of Rambla Bolaños and at the ending of the promenade (until the Guardia Civil's headquarters). It is a wide beach which receives a great number of visitors due to the wide range of services that offers and because it is one of the cleanest beaches in the area. It has an excellent equipment.