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Recipes starting with M

Playa Mar Rabiosa, Pulpí

Mar Rabiosa

Urban beach located opposite a small islet, reachable on foot when the tide ebbs, which is known as "el Pichirichi".

Playa Mar Serena, Pulpí

Mar Serena

Its name, whose translation is "calm sea", reflects the main feature of this beach, which receives a great number of swimmers. This feature is the tranquility of its waters.

Playa Marina la Torre, Mojácar

Marina La Torre

The first beach that we will find in the municipality of Mojácar, entering from the east, opposite the old Palacio de la Marina. It has a wonderful golf course, located beside the protected area of the pool of the river Aguas. It also has a good equipmet for public use. It has Q Flag of Tourist Quality.

Playa Las Marinas, Vera

Marinas - Bolaga

Las Marinas is equipped with all kind of services and infrastructures. Thanks to them it has been awarded with the Blue Flag.