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Recipes starting with P

Playa Piedra de Villazar, Mojácar

Piedra de Villazar

It is located in the proximity of the crossing which matches the local coastal strips with its access to the municipality, opposite the Commercial Park. This beach takes its name from the rocky structure, the beautiful "Piedra Villazar", nestled on the sand. It has the Blue Flag.

Playa Serena, Roquetas de Mar

Playa Serena

Playa Serena extends along the golf course of Roquetas. It is equipped with all kind of services and facilities for tourist purposes.

Playa del Poniente, El Ejido


Beach regenerated with dark sand which has a wide range of services for public use. It extends from the entrance of the Marine to the last parking located in Avenida del Mar. It was awarded with the Blue Flag and the Spanish Q Mark for Tourist Quality.

Playa Puerto Rey, Vera

Puerto Rey

Long urban beach with total availability of equipment and services which make a large number of swimmers visit the place, especially in summer.