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Recipes starting with V

Playa Ventanicas- Venta del Bancal, Mojácar

Ventanicas - Venta del Bancal

Las Ventanicas is a wide sandy beach, next to an ordered coastline. Fom the east, it is located between the beach Cueva del lobo and the last beach belonging to the built-up area, the beach  Venta del Bancal.

La Venta del Bancal is the beginning of the promenade and is protected by an artificial jetty. It takes its name from the old inn located in this spot. There are cliffs past this beach.

Both have multiple relax and leisure services. It was awarded with the Blue Flag.

Playa de Villaricos, Cuevas de Almanzora

Villaricos Playa Luis Siret

The beach of Villaricos has its southern tip in the River Almanzora mouth, and includes small coves with very well-cared-for and off the beaten track surroundings.